The Legacy Crop Improvement Centre,
Junction 6, Asomdwoe -Okorase,  along koforidua- Adawso Road,
10km from Central Business District, Koforidua, Eastern Region, Ghana.
P.O Box Kf 2609
+233 501 583 312/501 583 312
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At LCIC, we produce and market high quality of foundation seeds of maize, cowpea and soybean. Our products are climate smart and resilient crops that ensure good production security for smallholder farmers. These technologies are drought tolerant crops.
We produce and market foundation seeds of only hybrid maize.
Newly improved Songotra cowpea variety with early maturity, aphids resistant and easy to cook.
Our goal of establishment of plant breeding site is to develop new varieties especially for maize. For the past 10 years, the seed sector in Ghana has witnessed a tremendous plant breeding and varietal released thanks to donors like AGRA and USAID. However, the challenges with these new varieties are; most of these varieties are OPVs, there is no significant difference in yield performance, not nutritionally enhanced etc.
At LCIC, breeding is set up to develop hybrid maize varieties that are high yield, drought resilient, high Pro- Vitamin A content, resistant to diseases like MSV, MLN, Fall Army worm etc.
Currently, we are breeding for high quality white corn, yellow corn and sweetcorn.
Shoot bagging and pollen collection
Ears pollinated through hand pollination
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+233 501 583 312/501 583 314