The Legacy Crop Improvement Centre,
Junction 6, Asomdwoe -Okorase,  along koforidua- Adawso Road,
10km from Central Business District, Koforidua, Eastern Region, Ghana.
P.O Box Kf 2609
+233 501 583 312/501 583 312
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Legacy Crop Improvement Centre (LCIC) is a private entity specializing in production and marketing of foundation seeds in Ghana. The spirit behind the establishment of LCIC is to get high quality technologies (seeds) into farmers through production of good quality certified seeds by commercial seed companies. 
Accessibility and availability of high quality, locally adapted, improved foundation seeds has long been recognized as a key part of solution for increasing seed adoption rate. Improved quality foundation seeds can deliver state of the art technology to farmers: higher yields, disease and pest resistant, climate change adaptation, improve nutrition and longer shelf life.
LCIC’s firm believe is founded on the ground that easy access to high quality foundation seeds can revolutionize seed industry in Ghana.
Legacy Crop Improvement Centre is headquartered in Koforidua with its well-equipped drip irrigation farm for seed production located in Konko, Eastern Region of Ghana.

To become a world class foundation seed enterprise and seed consulting firm that provides high quality foundation seeds, consultancy and training services for all stakeholders:
✓Our Customers: Your reliable seed business partner
✓Our Stakeholder: The best seed enterprise to invest in
✓Our Employees: The best place to work
✓Our Regulators: The best seed centre for benchmark in.

To develop and promote high quality technologies (seeds) suitable to tropical environments through research, seed production, training and extension services.

✓Customer focus
✓Team work
✓Innovation and creativity
✓Corporate Social Responsibility

Our focus is on high quality foundation seeds production, building and support seed participants as well as entities whose performance is dependent upon seed availability and quality.

✓We are committed to building locally responsive seed system using local talents
✓We are guided by the value of integrity and transparency
✓We are committed to seed systems that been proven to work for farmers
Legacy Seed is a subsidiary and out-grower outlet of Legacy Crop Improvement Centre that involves in production and processing hybrid maize certified seeds. Legacy Seed is not marketing outlet of LCIC but only in-charge of production, processing and packaging of certified hybrid maize for companies/persons interested in marketing and distribution high quality certified hybrid seed maize to farmers in Ghana and West Africa.

Legacy Seed is equipped with staff with requisite knowledge in hybrid seed production, processing, packaging and storage. The center is also fortified with state of art seed processing machines with cold storage facility located in Legacy Square at Otareso along Koforidua - Adwaso Highway.
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